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About Me


What can a fertility coach do for me?

As a certified coach with Health Coach Institute, we partnered with Dr. Stephanie Daniel DO--a leading fertility expert, practicing physician, author, and founder of Functional Medicine SF. We've created a program with Dr. Daniel's findings based on years of research and hard scientific evidence, and rooted it in habit change.

This program applies Dr. Daniel's teachings into actionable techniques that transform health and boost fertility. One of the major staples in our diets is the #1 cause of infertility in the US, and one of the most important elements of our diets that is so important to baby brain health and fertility has been widely demonized! Not to mention the other factors that are involved in whole body health, including the perceptions of parenthood that may be creating a block for you.

Together, we'll discover what changes you need to make both internally and externally to bring your body back into a state of harmony and increase your chances of conceiving naturally as opposed to spending thousands and thousands on drugs and treatments! Imagine that.


Hormonal Imbalance and Sexual Health

Here's a dose of reality, we all age and as we age we change and sometimes it is difficult to deal with those changes. Our diets and our environments are all playing a role in how gracefully we handle the aging process. One of the main factors in whether we will handle aging gracefully is getting a handle on our hormones. 

At the age off 44, I started to experience weight gain, fatigue, racing thoughts, sadness, irregular menstrual cycles, a decrease in libido, an increase in acne, and an overall sense of feeling like my life was half over instead of viewing it as the start of a new chapter. I started developing ovarian cysts, and had to get a biopsy due to a change in my cycle. I realized that all of these issues I was dealing with were tied to hormonal imbalance. 

My 90-day Hormonal Imbalance Program for males and females was created by my school and Dr. Anna Cabeca, a leading hormone therapy expert, DO, FACOG, and ABAARM. My coaching program applies Dr. Cabeca's teachings to help restore health and hormonal balance. Some of the effects of this program are feeling more stamina, anti-aging, weight loss, restoration of sexual excitement (men--that means no more Viagra, and aging females--that means no more Sahara desert!) and even fertility!


How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule a Total Transformation Breakthrough session with me. I'm going to lead the process, and you're going to find out why you're stuck and how to get unstuck, and what your plan of action is to experience a total transformation. Invest 45 minutes of your time, and I guarantee you will walk away with at least one AHA about why you are stuck and how to get out of it!