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In case you need a review of my services....


It can be tough to achieve your personal goals. Trust me, I know. Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand, sometimes you need a cheerleader, sometimes you need someone to call you on your *bull shit, and sometimes you just need someone to put more tools into your bag. And Angela did all of these things for me. Her enthusiasm and humor and knowledge helped me to achieve goals that I simply was not able to conquer on my own. Angela helped me establish tangible plans to achieve my health goals, as well as life/career goals. Using positivity, accountability, visualization, and healthy food and diet tips, I was able to push past barriers and get *shit done. Through our work together, I was reminded that in order to create something new, you have to let something go. I was also reminded to take time to acknowledge myself, and others, when good work has been done. It feels good to give credit where credit is due. If you are looking for a health and/or life coach, I would absolutely recommend Angela!      Lauren D.


Cleanse Testimonials



I felt great today. No headache, lots of energy, my head felt clear. The best I have felt in years. To be honest, I tend to eat more than I should, always going for that second plate when I'm probably full from the first. I also eat a lot of crap, which is also how I usually feel. I mainly joined the cleanse because I have heartburn often and being diabetic, my sugar is insanely high. I thought maybe it would help me get it under control a bit and if I lost a little weight, that would be a bonus. Well, I haven't head heartburn since we started and my sugar level today is the lowest it's been since I was diagnosed even after eating pasta which was my gluten today. I'm sleeping better, waking up without feeling like I need another 5 minutes. Lost 8 lbs. and lost 1/2 inch everywhere except my thighs and arms, which I didn't want to lose in those areas anyway. Overall, this is working for me. We decided when I can drink coffee again, we are switching to 50/50 instead of full caffeine and if I drink some at night, full decaf. Don't know why I was drinking full caf. that late anyway. Twice in the last week, they ordered pizza at work and as good as it looked and smelled, I wasn't even tempted. Pretty proud of that. Anyway, sorry to rattle on but had a busy weekend so wasn't able to update.
TL: DR this cleanse thing kind of rocks. KS


Quick story. In January, I signed up for WW as I really wanted to eat better to lose weight. I never used it as I thought there is no way I could do 25 points each day! I am paying $45 a month and can't wait to cancel in June. Anyway...I thought I would check to see how my points added up during this cleanse. 37 points in 5 days!! That is less than 10 points a day!! I'm shocked and proud at what I have done so far! That is all. RBS